Yaşam boyu sağlık ve bakım merkezi
Koşuyolu, İstanbul
Cenap Şahabettin Sok. No: 84

0216 326 67 87

Following Universal Standarts
Lifelong Health and Care Center

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Lifelong Healthcare at ALIFE

In ALIFE, we provide professional healthcare service for 24 hours via Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Health Technicers and Social Service Officers.

In a decent atmosphere

We are doing our best to offer you a comfortable and healthy service to help increase the quality of your life.

Lifelong Health

Following all the requirements of contemporary medicine, ALIFE presents a lifelong health service.

Professional Care

In your single room, you are taken care of by professional and certified caregivers and nurses.

Temporary Intensive Care

This care unit, serving with the support of medical equipment and materials aiming at rehabilitation and physiotherapy, functions as a temporary intensive care unit.

About Us

Healthiest house in Turkey

Having been designed with the utmost care, planned meticuluously under the supervision of medical professionals,  Lifelong Health and Care Center aims at presenting an environment for a healthy and high quality living.

As well as offering a natural, comfortable, sincere and high quality atmosphere  and rehabilitation process for the guests, ALIFE also aims at developing the guests’ quality of living through a professional health team and medical healthcare standarts

Our guests are closely and carefully monitored 365/24 through the cameras installed withing in the rooms; and their relatives can also reach the broadcast and other information related to our guest on the Internet via a password provided for them.

What we offer?


Very similar to the comfort of your house

Apart from taking a natural, comfortable, sincere and high quality therapy and rehabilitation process, guests who are seeking the comfort of a homely atmosphere can also obtain several services including cooking and cleaning in our care center, designed to make you feel at home.


Constant Care Support

You are provided with a medication follow up by highly qualified caregivers and tailor-made schedules arranged accordingly with your daily routine.


Highly qualified Nurses

Lifelong Health and Care Center  employs nurses and other medical professionals 7/24 for your health. There are also daily routine services, nursing and therapy facilities for short and long term stays.


Healthy Diet Service

Tailor made menus are prepared for each of our guest in our immaculately clean and hygenic kitchen.


“ We were doing our best to make the dad walk but he could not make even one step. Since we came here to ALIFE we have observed a visible improvement in his health condition. Now we can feed some hope and the staff has a great role in that. They are not only doing their job professionally, they also put their hearts and souls in it. ”


Our Services

Koşuyolu: Situated in a wide area of 1600 m2, this center has 30 beds in one of the nicest and most decent areas of Kadıköy.

7/24 Doctor and Medical Staff

  • Specialized elderly care
  • Dietician
  • Psychologist
  • Geriatrist
  • Consultants in all branches

Our Service Profile

  • Individuals completely or partially confined to bed
  • Post-hospital paralyzed patient care and rehabilitation
  • Care given after big orthoapedic surgery
  • Care given after major surgical operations; i,e Cardiovascular system or general surgery
  • Fast track rehabilitation services followed by plastic surgery operations
  • Patient follow-up with home Ventilator

Special Care and Geriatrists

  • Special care in rooms of 4
  • Intensive follow-up
  • Geriatrist’s control

Other Services Provided

  • Medical device support
  • Labmed for laboratory services
  • Portable direct x-ray, Ultrasound
  • Cerebral system integration ( For AHG physicians)
  • ASG logistic services support
  • Nutrition plan with the help of dieticians
  • High quality hotel services (A +)

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Koşuyolu: 0216 326 67 87

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