Yaşam boyu sağlık ve bakım merkezi
Koşuyolu, İstanbul
Cenap Şahabettin Sok. No: 84

0216 326 67 87

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to bring the patient to ALIFE?

By contacting the clinic you can apply for the diagnosis and care plan.

What are the requirements patient acceptance?

There are two requirements when accepting our patients;

  1. Patients should not have any contagious disease
  2. Patients should be metaly healthy

Are we charged for the diagnosis?

The diagnosis is free of charge.

How long can a patient stay in ALIFE premises?

The diagnosis is free of charge.

Does ALIFE have a contract with National Health System (SGK) or other private health insurance companies?

ALIFE has an contract with SGK. The private companies that we have special agreements are as follows;

  • Acıbadem Sigorta
  • Mafre Sigorta
  • Ray Sigorta

Those patients who are registered in the insurance companies we do not have an agreement with, can apply to their companies and an additional agreement could be made for the acceptance to the ALIFE system.

What kind of services are provided by ALIFE?

  • Consultation by a specialist physician
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Medical equipment services
  • In situ x-ray, graphics and dopller services
  • High quality hotel services
  • Weekly visits by geriatrist (once a week) and dietician (twice a week)
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Speaking and swallowing treatment
  • Special nursery staff care service
  • 7/24 Ambulance service
  • Long distance care through camera monitoring for 24 hours

Is it compulsory to have a relative to attend the patient?

ALIFE system does not require a relative to attend the patient. However, when it is really necessary and expressed by your physician, you might be asked to attend your patient.

How shall we transfer your patient to ALIFE?

Ambulances carry the task of transferring the patients from where they are to our premises.

What is the procedure to be followed in cases when the patient’s clinical situation gets worse?

Despite taking all the possible actions in the clinic fully equipped with 7/24 doctors, health staff and after the first interventions, if there is still a need for a transfer, the patients are taken to a hospital of our group or some other hospitals depending on the patients’ relatives request.